A Taste of the Wild How to Make Organic Dog Food and Treats


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As more people make the transition to a healthier and more organic diet and lifestyle scores of dog owners are now questioning whether going organic is something that they should also be considering for their beloved family pets.

In fact even if you don’t eat an exclusively organic diet you may want to consider going both raw and/or organic as much as possible with your dog’s diet. In this heartfelt hands on guide to giving dogs the nutrition they crave and deserve author Kate Milan walks pet owners through the why and how of supercharging a dog’s diet naturally and cost effectively.

“A Taste of the Wild: How to Make Organic Dog Food and Treats ” is an excellent dog food guide and primer on the present need to move our cherished pets away from many store bought and nutritionally deficient (if not dangerous) pet foods and products that should be replaced with easy to make and super healthy dog foods and treats whenever possible.

Enjoy Kate Milan’s thoughtful insight and easy to make recipes so that you too can give your dog a taste of the wild that Mother Nature intended.

NOTE: It is vitally important to always check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet because their diet must be based on their individual health requirements.

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